Our Story

We are aspiring homesteaders that enjoy finding ways to create, grow, and share with others.  We have always loved candles and exploring fragrances. We started candle making as a hobby due to our love for lighting candles in our own home and to enjoy time together. Candles became a way we could create and craft together. After we got started, we really found we enjoyed the process it took to craft a candle. We found it peaceful to enter a creative space, blend the art and science into a relaxing sensory experience, and create something that not only we could enjoy but something we could share with others to enjoy as well. We wanted to share our inspiration of nature and life experiences we enjoyed with the rest of the world by connecting through one of our shared senses. We also wanted to create something natural and wholesome, that could be used to connect with one another, create ambience, and set the tone of our spaces.

We became committed to creating a premium candle that we would be proud to stand behind and it took a lot of experimentation to get to the product we have today. We use a continuous improvement approach and continue to expand the fragrances and look for additional ways to offer products our customers would enjoy.