is live!!! is live!!!

After several months of puttering around with the concept and design of what the Three Oaks Candle Co. website would look and feel like, we have finally decided enough was enough... it was time to launch into space... imperfect and stumbling like an infant learning to walk, we were ready and confident enough we had a strong foundation that we could continue building upon as we go. The main thing was ensuring we had an available direct-to-customer path to purchase our products online.

One announcement that is very precious to our purpose, we have partnered with Ecologi and committed to donating a portion of our sales to plant a tree for each purchase that is made. We started toying with the concept months ago for the website's launch and committed at a Makers Market on Earth's Day 2023 that we wanted to be able to give back to nature in some way with any success we had. It seems fitting Three Oaks Candle Co. LLC would help plant trees around the world. So from this day forth, each product sold will help contribute to planting a tree and reducing the human impact to our planet. 

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